Office Hours (held in Alfa 1: 4082): Thursdays 10:00-11:30 and by appointment.

In Lund, I have been teaching the module Microeconomics – Individual Choice (NEKP21) since Fall 2016. It is a specialised advanced microeconomics course that focusses on individual decision making. It is compulsory for PhD and also available to Master’s students.

This Fall (2019) I will be teaching Advanced Microeconomic Analysis (NEKN21) together with Erik Mohlin. It is an advanced course, compulsory for Master’s students and optional for PhDs that covers both individual decision-making and game theory (where more than one decision-makers interact) and highlights the importance of information in these settings. I will be teaching the information part, like last year. In the past (Fall 2017), I have taught the game theory part.

Past teaching as a lecturer:

In the Spring term of 2016 I taught the module Mathematics for Economics II (EC1008) at the University of Leicester. It was an introductory maths course, compulsory for first-year Economics students.