Office Hours (held in Alfa 1:4082): Tuesdays 11:00-12:00 and by appointment.

In Lund, I have been teaching the module Microeconomics – Individual Choice (NEKP21) since Fall 2016. It is a specialised advanced microeconomics course that focusses on individual decision making. It is compulsory for PhD and also available to Master’s students.

This Fall (2017) I will be teaching Advanced Microeconomic Analysis (NEKN21). It is an advanced course for Master’s students that covers both individual decision making as well as game theory, where more than one decision-makers interact. I will be teaching the game theory part.

Past teaching as a course leader:

In the Spring term of 2016 I taught the module Mathematics for Economics II (EC1008) at the University of Leicester. It was an introductory maths course for first-year Economics students.