Photo credit: Cato Lein

This is the homepage of Alexandros (Alex) Rigos.

I am an economic theorist working at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm. I am also affiliated with the Department of Economics at Lund University. I hold a PhD in Economics from the University of Leicester, which I earned in 2016.

My main research interests lie in information acquisition and information disclosure, and the evolution of behavior and preferences in strategic settings. In order to address questions therein, I use game theory as well as laboratory experiments to test the predictions of theoretical models.

My research is funded by Handelsbankens forskingsstiftelser.

Please have a look at my projects. You can also find my Google Scholar profile here.

You can download or view my CV in .pdf form here.


LEG2021, taking place on Sep 1-2, 2021, will be an online event. You can check the website for details.

LEG (Learning, Evolution, and Games) Conferences

The Learning, Evolution, and Games (LEG) conferences aim to bring together researchers working on topics relating to evolution and learning in games. The conference series began with LEG2018 in Lund, which Erik Mohlin and I co-organized.

LEG2019 took place at Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel and was organized by Yuval Heller. LEG2022 will take place at IMT Lucca, Italy and be organized by Ennio Bilancini and Leonardo Boncinelli.